What is paramedical tattooing and what problems does it solve?

Stretch marks, scars, and hair loss happen naturally throughout anyone’s life. Thanks to the latest advancements, even simple procedures can help improve your appearance and boost your confidence. At Illusions by Ink Studio, we help make that happen with paramedical tattoos.
Paramedical tattooing also known as medical tattooing or Brazilian camouflage tattoos, micropigmentation and is all about your skin and healing.
It improves the look of skin that has had changes from a variety of reasons such as:
  • Any kind of surgery
  • Burns
  • Accidents
  • Traumas
  • Self-harming
  • Skin grafts
  • Vitiligo
  • Body art tattoo lasering
  • Canine attack, and more.
Not limited to scars, our procedures can help improve relatively regular skin conditions like:
  • stretch marks
  • wrinkles
  • birthmarks
  • acne scars, etc.
Also, it helps visually improve significant hair loss stemming from alopecia, male and female pattern baldness that are related to different medical reasons, heredity and aging.
Millions of people in the USA and world wide worry about how their skin looks and it can harm their feelings, reduces self-confidence and can lead to depression.
Understandably, medical tattooing is essential for many people. It is not only significantly improving how your scars and stretch marks look, but it helps to heal your soul and improve your self-confidence.
Paramedical tattooing is the art of tattooing the skin with flesh tone pigments. The purpose of skin camouflage tattooing is to disguise a scar or a mispigmented skin area. Camouflage tattoos can help restore a person’s physical integrity and even help with psychological recovery after traumatic events. Paramedical tattoos can help fix a range of issues, including:


Scar camouflage is probably the most popular form of paramedical tattooing. It involves using natural-looking skin tone pigments to seamlessly blend with the surrounding skin and minimize the visibility of a scar. Choose among various tattoo designs including standard tattoos, floral patterns, or those with feathered edges.

Irregular Pigmentation.

Patients with noticeable birthmarks, vitiligo, and cleft lip scarring are ideal candidates for paramedical tattoos. Medical-grade ink is used to match your natural skin tone and patch up sections of your skin that have lost pigmentation. As a result, patients can be more confident having a more even skin tone.

Stretch marks.

Stretch marks usually fade from purple or red to white, leaving behind pigmentated streaks that don’t plump back up. By utilizing skin-colored ink, a cosmetic tattoo can help hide stretch marks, giving you an even skin tone.

Missing body parts.

A paramedical tattoo artist can help restore the appearance of missing body parts like missing toenails, fingernails, and nipples. The hyper-realistic tattoo designs are hardly noticeable, allowing you to live life freely with no insecurities.

Hair loss.

Also known as scalp micro-pigmentation, this procedure benefits alopecia patients and those going bald. Usually, a pigment that is similar to your natural hair color is added to your follicles using strokes or dots. This will give the illusion of hair growth.

Emotional healing.

If you’ve had a life-altering injury, the scars that come with it may be too much to handle. This permanent reminder, you’d rather not have. Fortunately, camouflage tattooing can help with this. It can mask the traumatic scars with beautiful and refreshing tattoos designs.

Are You a Good Paramedical Tattoo Candidate?

You might be a good candidate for this procedure if your scar is:
  • Healed and no longer pink (preferably more than 9 months)
  • Smooth and relatively flat
  • Does not have dark edges from post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation
Camouflage tattooing is not recommended for age spots, spider veins, under-eye circles, and freckles.
Talk to a paramedical tattoo artist to learn more about the best solutions for covering your scars and stretch marks. Since this is a relatively new niche, it’s important to get a professional, licensed, and experienced artist. 

Stretch marks and scars camouflage tattoo will improve your skin look.

Camouflage tattoos for stretch marks and scars are our specialist at Illusions by Ink Studio. The idea is similar to traditional tattooing, but the purpose is to improve the appearance of scars from accidents, surgery, burns, or other skin trauma. Camouflage tattooing can also help with your stretch marks.


Brazilian camouflage tattoos are needle and pigment procedures that blend your scars with the skin surrounding them. We do this using permanent makeup pigments. A paramedical tattoo artist or technician performs the procedure, ensuring that you are in the safe hands of an expert.


In addition, our camouflage tattoo service can help people who have leftover scarring after the repair of a cleft palate or post-mastectomy. Our tattoo artists can create a nipple and areola on your reconstructed breast to mimic the appearance of a real breast.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Female Pattern Hair Loss.

Scalp micropigmentation is a paramedical tattoo procedure for people with hair loss problems. This procedure is also known as hair simulation, mimicking hair stubble through micropigmentation. With scalp micropigmentation, we can restore the appearance of your lost hair due to Alopecia, cancer, natural thinning, and trauma.


We use professional pigments explicitly developed for procedures like scalp micropigmentation. Clients can choose from various formulations and shades to create natural-looking hair. Our hair tattoo artists are highly experienced in this procedure, ensuring you get your confidence back.


Our Scalp Micropigmentation service can help correct or improve these issues:
  • Natural Thinning of Hair
  • Widow’s Peak
  • Receding Hairline
  • Crown Hair Loss
  • Total Baldness
  • Burnt Scalp
  • Stunted Hair Growth
  • Bald Spots
  • Hair Transplant Scar Coverup
  • Head and Scalp Scars Coverup
  • Hair Extension Damage, and more.

Meet Elena – the paramedical tattoo artist whom you can trust.

Hi, I am Elena and I am a professional paramedical tattoo artist.

My deep knowledge, years of experience and hard work allows me the opportunity to help you feel better about how you look, so that I may return your confidence to get you closer to a happy life. Believe me, I know how you feel because every case I work with I take close to my heart. Each person, each story, each case is very special to me and I truly care.

When I provide paramedical tattoo services, I do my best to make my clients feel comfortable and safe in all meanings. Believe me you are in reliable hands. You can share your story with me without any hesitation because I know how important it is to speak up about your skin or hair problems out loud. Most importantly, you will find full understanding and support from my side.

I have this deep urge to help people and I will be honored if you will find the strength to share your situation with me. As a professional, I can the ultimate treatment that will help you to feel good about your appearance so that you can begin to love yourself again.  
Without hesitation, I can tell that I take the most complicated cases that other professionals denied working with. I am confident in my skills and I know for fact that when you are in the reliable hands of a dedicated and well experienced professional, paramedical tattooing creates miracles. Yes, maybe I cannot help to heal your soul’s scars but I can do something incredible with your skin.
I provide the wide range of paramedical tattoo services and will be happy to help you to improve your self-confidence. I work with all body parts, even if you have some issues with the most intimate places of your body. I have years of experience with every imaginable body part including private parts and have 100% five-star results after work was done.

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