Is Paramedical Tattooing Right for Me?

We have been proudly providing our medical tattooing services in Texas as well as having many of our clients coming from all over the United States. It is very important to find exceptionally qualified and experienced medical tattooing artists who know how to help you to solve your skin and hair loss problems. In our reliable and caring hands you can be sure that your procedure will be successful and the result will meet your expectations.

If you have any after surgery scars, self-harm scars, or scars as a result of burn, canine attack, injury or trauma, stretch marks or hair loss, to name a few, you are at the right place because our professionals are exceptionally qualified to work with all kinds of skin related issues and we provide medical tattooing for all body parts you can imagine.

If you are searching for medical tattooing near you, you just found the ideal place. Our Illusion by Ink Studio is located at:

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Am I a candidate for medical tattooing for scars? WHAT SHOULD I KNOW?

Medical tattooing for scars is the perfect remedy for you if you have scars or skin conditions which affects the way you live. Covering your scars with ink that ideally matches you natural skin tone will not remove your scar, but it will blend into its surroundings and make it look like it doesn’t exist.

It is very important that your scars are properly healed prior to beginning our procedure. Especially if you had any surgeries or injuries. Your scars will go through many stages of changes and we need to make sure it is ready for tattooing. All people are different and healing process is unique to each individual. Some people heal faster, some – slower.

Usually it takes anywhere from 12 to 24 month for scars to heal. If you are not sure if it is the right time, we would highly recommend to have a consultation with your surgeon or primary care physician and get professional opinion if you are ready to cover up your scars now or must wait a little bit longer. This approach with save you lot of time and you can schedule your Free Consultation with us whenever you are ready.

In some cases during our Free Consultation our professionals may request consultation with your doctor anyway. We must be 100% sure that your scars are ready to be treated. Safety first. If necessary, once your doctor clears your case and lets you know that you are ready, we will schedule your procedure as soon as possible while eliminating any risks and doubts.

Can I get medical tattooing for stretch marks? What should I know?

Medical tattooing for stretch marks is an ideal solution to cover them with ink color that 100% matches your surrounding skin tone. At illusions by Ink Studio all our professionals have an exceptional sense of color and you can be sure that we will pick that tone that perfectly matches your skin.

When we are talking about the perfect candidate for this procedure, you will find a ton of information on Google that says that your stretch marks must be in lighter color then your surrounding skin. This is not true. Any kind of stretch mark can be camouflaged. The truth is that many professionals are more concerned about their own personal reputation which often leads them to screen and or only take clients that have optimal or easy cases. But we have a different approach. We gladly work with complicated cases and have had 100% successful results. Many of our clients have had white and red stretch marks at the same time and we successfully handled these challenges because our goal to help you – without overcharging you. It is true that red, purple or gray stretch marks are much more difficult to council. It does make this procedure more time consuming and requires advanced skills and qualifications of your tattoo artist. We believe with the proper guidance, treatment(s) and outlook we can meet or exceed your expectations. We are here to help!

Here at Illusions by Ink Studio we work with the most complicated cases you may imagine. Of course, every case is different and we must evaluate the conditions of your stretch marks during our In Person Free Consultation if you are local and online if you are seeking help living on any other state. Schedule your Free Consultation right now and save your spot for closest date.

Micropigmentation tattooing for Vitiligo IS THIS SUITABLE FOR ME?

If you are diagnosed with Vitiligo you know very well that it is a medical condition. And this is serious. Micropigmentation tattooing for Vitiligo works great for skin that has lost its natural pigment. But before you decide to have the micropigmentation procedure for Vitiligo, it is essential to have a discussion with your dermatologist before you schedule your Free Consultation with us. It is very important to get the professional opinion as to is your condition at a stage when you are ready for micropigmentation. Once your doctor clears your case and says it is okay we will be more than happy to greet you at our studio and discuss our next steps.