Meet Elena Sanchez, the paramedical tattoo artist who cares.

I am Elena and I am so happy that you found time to learn more about me and my professional journey. I would start my story with words of appreciation to my family.
I am a loving wife and happy mom of two beautiful daughters. My family and their support gave me the strength and inspiration to develop my successful paramedical tattooist career. There are not enough words to describe my appreciation to them for everything they are doing. Thanks to them, I can do what I love. Thanks to them, I have the ability to help other people.
I had to learn at a very early age about care, responsibility, understanding and support. When I was five years old my father passed away. My mom became a young widow with two very young kids. A year later she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. I was only eight years old and my little brother was two. Even as a young child I realized that I must take care of my mom and little brother. I saw how much my mom was struggling fighting cancer and how hard it was physically and emotionally.
Going through those hard times I had to become mature very fast. When I look back I realize that it helped me to become who I am now:
  • Loving
  • Caring
  • Responsible
  • Understanding
  • Supportive.

It is very true when people say “what doesn’t kills you – make you stronger”.

Thanks to these life challenges I became a strong self-made woman, who isn’t afraid of difficulties, takes responsibility, solves problems, and sincerely cares for people.
Because I have a strong urge to help people, my career choice was obvious for me – healthcare. When I was seventeen, still being a senior in a high school, I started in Direct Patient Care and worked my way up to Administration, Revenue Cycle Management, and, then, Healthcare Education for the largest healthcare company in the world – UnitedHealth. But then something happened…

Being a women who embraced motherhood I found myself in the situation when I lost my confidentiality after pregnancy.

Like many women I went through some skin texture changes and was doing research trying to find a remedy to solve my problems and bring my confidence back.
… And here the miracle happened! I found a Paramedical Tattooing method that could solve my problems. I will be honest, I completely forgot about my skin issues and deep dived into this industry that was so new to me. I had no idea that such methods exist!
I quickly realized that this is exactly what I want to do for a living. For a long time, I understood that my career in the medical industry had peaked. I simply didn’t have any way to grow more. Even when I loved what I was doing I decided to change my life completely.
Thankfully, I get a deep pleasure from learning and my forever goal is to do everything to an A+ level. I was so happy to realize that my medical experience will be so helpful and useful in my paramedical tattooing practice. I was taking very expensive courses and certifications, invested into the best tools in industry and was practicing, practicing, practicing. I had no doubts or fears when I started my paramedical tattooist career. I knew it was the beginning of something big. I could help so many people who truly need it.
I am constantly improving my professionalism, following industry trends and learning, learning, learning. Years of actual practice and my dedication to being a paramedical tattoo artist allowed me to work with very complicated after surgery scars, stretch marks, and significant hair loss issues.

I know that I made right choice.

Hundreds of hours of learning and thousands of practicing hours brought me to the point where I am now. I have my own studio, my established practice and hundreds of grateful clients. I know that I am doing something very important for them. When I see their happy eyes and read their reviews I realize that I made the right decision when I decided to dedicate my life to helping people.

As mentioned, I love helping others, and I know that camouflage tattoos and scalp micropigmentation will be able to help you out. Here’s why:

Camouflage Tattoo Conceals Stretch Marks and Scars

Camouflage Tattoos are quickly becoming the standard for concealing scars, stretch marks, and even skin discolorations like Vitiligo (permanent white patches on the skin). With camo, you can have a tattoo that will help you fix even the tiniest skin imperfection and feel more confident in your own skin.

Scalp Micropigmentation to Conceal Hair Loss

In modern times, hair loss is one of the biggest problems that loom in the lives of many. Unwanted hair loss can ruin your confidence. Luckily there’s SMP to conceal balding areas and make your thinning hair look fuller.

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