Camouflage Tattoo Transformations

Before & After Skin Tone Tattoo Transformations TRUE STORIES OF OUR CLIENTS.

Please see our before and after skin tone tattoo results! We will be happy if you will find time to review some testimonials from our staff about results of procedures we have provided to our clients and you will be amazed!

Micro skin pigmentation for Vitiligo GAIN YOUR CONFIDENCE AGAIN!

My client A** has Vitiligo and his biggest concern is his face. He used to receive micropigmentation procedures in Chicago but once moving to Texas, he was having trouble finding a professional with whom he could trust and feel comfortable with. It is really important especially in the case of Vitiligo because discolored areas don’t have an ability to hold a pigment for a long time and requires touch ups every 3-6 months. He contacted me and we scheduled our Free Consultation. He was shy first but realized very quickly that he is in a reliable hands. So we started working is result was fantastic! He felt much better about how he looks and went to see his parents in India with full confidence that they will not worry about his condition. Paramedical tattooing solves not only skin problems but gives you a confidence about yourself!
mouth scar

Stretch marks are no longer An Issue!

scar thigh

“My client B*** was a mother of four beautiful children. During her pregnancies she got stretch marks all over her belly and she lost her confidence. She no longer felt comfortable wearing a two piece swim suit and it hurt her feelings. She spent a lot of time and money for Micro Needling but it didn’t bring any positive results. We scheduled our Free initial Consultation and start working in short order. After the very first procedure she was amazed of the change! She had three procedures in total and once the areas healed, she was very happy how everything worked out. She gained her confidence back and was totally sure everything was worth the result!”

Are you heaving hair loss issues? Do you have scars? You are at the right place!

My client C*** scheduled a SMP consultation because her hair was thinning.
She was going through rough times, she had lost her beloved person and was devastated about everything that was going on with her lately. She found strength to share her story with me and we talked a lot while I was performing her procedure. She had 3 total sessions with SMP and her hair were looking great! She was so happy with the result.

Because I gained her trust and she realized that I am a true professional she decided to keep working with me and camouflage her face lift scars. After two sessions she came to my studio and I didn’t recognize her! She was looking fabulous and her hair style was a perfect fit for her. Turned out she wouldn’t style her hair up because her scars were visible, but wearing it up as she did, she looked great thanks to the SMP treatment. I was so happy for her and I felt blessed that I was able to help.