3D NippleTattoo


A 3d nipple tattoo is a unique procedure that helps your breasts to look natural after breast reconstruction surgery and other conditions that may affect your nipples and areola color. If you had cancer and your breasts and nipples were removed then a nipple tattoo is exactly what you need. Also, if your nipples and areolas natural pigment is gone, then nipple and areola tattooing is the best way for you to make your breasts to look good and you can gain your confidence back.

How does 3D nipple tattoos work? WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT?

Nipple and areola 3d tattooing makes an illusion that your real nipples are present. In other words, 3d nipple and areola tattooing is a picture, that is flat for touch but looks very realistic. Thanks to our latest techniques we can create tiny details or your nipple and areola like shading, coloring, and even little bumps that appear on nipples also known as Montgomery Glands.

When can I do a nipple tattoo after breasts and/or nipple reconstruction surgery?

Nipple tattoo can be performed after breasts reconstruction after approximately 4 month after initial surgery. If you also had nipple reconstruction surgery then you should wait 4 more months. Your scars must heal properly and your breasts and/or new nipples require some time to settle down and take their final position.

We always recommend to have a consultation with your plastic surgeon before you schedule your Free in person Consultation with us. It is very important to make sure you are ready for the final stage of your breasts reconstruction procedure.

Once your surgeon says that you are ready to go then we will be more then happy to schedule a Free Consultation and discuss details of the procedure.

During your Free Consultation we will determine a few very important moments:

  • Select the best color of ink that will look the most natural for your breasts.
  • Determine nipples position
  • Determine nipples and areola size.
  • Provide you full information about procedure and what to expect during and after.
  • Provide you estimated number of session you require to get the best results and discuss the length of each session, etc.
  • You may ask any questions related to your procedure, our qualification, request pictures of our previous works, and feel free to share your expectation or concerns.

3D nipple tattooing is a must have if you lost your confidence and want to gain it back.

3d nipple tattooing is in a high demand nowadays. Like scars, stretch marks, vitiligo, hair loss, absence or discoloration of your nipples and areola may bring your confidence very much down. But almost all these skin imperfections are fixable nowadays thanks to paramedical tattooing also known as medical tattooing or Brazilian camouflage tattooing.

Does 3D areola tattoo works for men and women, or it is suitable just for women?

3d areola tattoo equally fits man and women, because there huge variety of reasons why you might want or need it. There might be not only breast cancer that effects women and nipple discoloration that may happen at any stage of your life. It might be a vitiligo, or other skin condition you may hide using nipple tattooing procedure.

Illusions by Ink Studio has been helping our patients to solve numerous skin problems that effects the quality of their lives. During our initial in person Free Consultation we openly discuss the issues with our patients and offer the best treatment that will solve their problems in just few sessions. So that you, like numerous clients of ours, may regain your confidence and live your best life.

Men nipple tattoo and nipple tattoo for women is in high demand nowadays. THERE IS NO A REASON TO DELAY YOUR HAPPY LIFE AND FEEL CONFIDENT AGAIN.

Men nipple tattoo and nipple tattoo for women is the same procedure, where the experienced, skilled and talented hands of a paramedical tattoo artist infuses ink into your nipple and areola to make it look natural. The ink color will be individually picked and will be matching your natural nipples and areola color. The ink will be infused to a skin dermis with special paramedical tattoo needle. This tattoo won’t fade but depending from your case you might have some touch ups time to time, for example if you have vitiligo. But in general it gives permanent results.

Is areola reconstruction tattoo painful? What should I expect from the procedure.

Here at Illusions by Ink Studio we are always honest with our patients. And our answer is – depends. Generally talking we must admit that breasts and nipples are very sensitive areas and some patients may find the procedure quite painful. But if your breasts were removed and/ or you have implants already your sensitivity should be minimal. All people are different and have a different pain threshold. Most our patients feel pretty comfortable during the procedure and we do everything possible to make your experience as comfortable as possible. When illusions by Ink Studio professionals perform nipple and areola tattooing procedure we provide a full range of care, support and understanding. You may request a little break anytime to make yourself as comfortable as possible. At the end of treatment you will be amazed with the result – guaranteed!

How long it takes to provide tattoos around nipples per session? AND HOW MANY SESSIONS SHOULD I HAVE?

Tattoos around nipples is a complicated and time consuming process. Usually each session will take one-two hours. You may require up to 4 sessions every 4 weeks before work will be completed. During our in person Free Consultation our specialists will provide you full information about length and number of sessions you need to have outstanding results.


Let’s be honest that “areola tattoo near me” Google request does not guarantee that you can find one in your area. Medical tattooing is a pretty young industry that is developing very fast over the last years, but you might not have a qualified professional in your area.

We highly recommend you to pay extra attention and watch for red flags before you schedule your procedure with any medical tattooing studio.

  • Do some research before you schedule your first consultation with studio. Read reviews.
  • Never hesitate to ask question and listen carefully the answers that your potential tattoo artist provides you.
  • Pay attention at the condition of their studio. Everything must be hospital level clean accordingly to sanitation requirements of the state.
  • Request pictures of previous work – this is very important to see the results before you trust your body to this or that tattoo artist.
  • Please always remember that it is all about your safety and your body requires the best services with outstanding results.

Here at Illusions by Ink Studio we will be more than happy to see you and perform any paramedical tattooing services you need. Your comfort and happiness are our priority. We guarantee the most amazing results.

We are located in Irving, Texas and proudly serve our community and surrounding areas. We have a lot of patients who travel to Irving, TX from other states to have the best paramedical tattooing services in the USA.

Who is the best nipple tattoo artist near me? AND HOW TO SCHEDULE MY INITIAL FREE CONSULTATION

If you are looking for the best “tattoo artist near me” then Illusions by Ink Studio is the #1 choice in the United States. We are the only studio in the USA who works with the most complicated cases that most other artists refuse to work with.


We are looking forward to see you in our studio and would be honored to make you feel confident again.

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