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Years of training with the world’s largest healthcare company have equipped me with a competitive advantage. After gaining the credential of Master Trainer, I gained expertise offering adult learning based on adult learning theories and principles (far over 10,000 hours in the classroom training professionals). When you come to learn with me, I’ll apply the same tactics that this multibillion-dollar organization does when it comes to upskilling its staff through my Camouflage Tattoo curriculum.

This is not your typical two- to two-and-a-half-day training. As someone who has attended those training sessions, I understand that there is no way to acquire and retain the fundamentals necessary for entry into the real world of camouflage tattooing. I’ve developed a robust training curriculum that incorporates online instruction, scenario- based in-person instruction, and hands-on training. Additionally, there is an organized after-class assistance program. As a seasoned trainer. I understand the critical nature of a structured assistance program, as I am well acquainted with Psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus’s Forgetting Curve, which states that within a day or two of attending class or reading a chapter or article, students will have forgotten approximately 75% of what was taught. Additionally, this forgetting occurs primarily within the first hour. Likewise, am aware that a significant portion of learning occurs after training is completed and you are out tattooing. My mission is to teach you to think critically in the way of the camouflage tattoo artist you aspire to be.

As Albert Einstein once said, “Any Fool Can Know. The Point Is to Understand.”See you in the classroom!

EXPLORE OUR Scar and Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo Training

Are you ready to discover an exciting new career or advance your skills as a camouflage tattoo artist? Learn more about our stretch mark and scar camouflage training course taught by a certified master trainer.


Are you looking for a career that can make a real difference in people’s lives? Are you a tattoo artist that wants to explore new art forms? Camouflage tattoo also known medical tattooing might be an excellent choice. As a camouflage/medical tattoo artist, you’ll help people diminish the appearance of scars, stretch marks, burns, and other blemishes that cause them discomfort.

At Illusions by Ink Studio, we offer two in-depth scar and stretch mark camouflage training courses. If you are interested in one of these comprehensive training programs, contact us today to book a discovery call.

EXPLORE OUR Current Courses

Beginner Scar and Stretch Mark Tattoo Camouflage Training

This paramedical tattoo training course is designed for anyone who is new to tattooing or doesn’t have a lot of experience in the permanent makeup industry. This course will teach you the basic skills you need to apply stretch mark and camouflage tattoos and show you all your options when it comes to medical tattoos.

Advanced Scar, Stretch Mark & other Skin Conditions Camouflage/ Paramedical Tattoo

This course is for those who already work in permanent makeup, offer camouflage tattoos, or have a background working directly with wounds and compromised skin, i.e., you have a background in healthcare or related field. It is designed to give you all the tools you need to work on more advanced stretch mark, scars and various other skin conditions.

What You Learn in Our Camouflage / Paramedical Tattoo Training Course

One of the best features of our scar and stretch mark tattoo artist training is the wide range of treatments you can provide once you have completed your training. These courses offer Brazilian camouflage tattoo training, Brazilian stretch mark camouflage training, corrective micro-pigmentation training, cosmetic tattoo training, hair tattoo training, and inkless stretch mark removal training. They may also include medical micro-pigmentation training, paramedical micro pigmentation training, restorative micro pigmentation training, scalp tattoo training, and skin micro pigmentation training. This allows you to work on many cases and help more people feel better about their appearance.

Why Choose Illusions by Ink Studio?

At Illusions by Ink Studio, our goal is to provide you with the best stretch mark and scar camouflage training in the industry so you can advance your career and help more people. See why our training program is an excellent choice for anyone interested in camouflage tattoos.

Training and Credentials

Our sessions are packed with in-depth instruction and advice from real-life industry experts. Each of our courses is designed to give you all of the knowledge you need to get into this exciting new career while building on any skills that you might already have.

In-depth Instructions From A Certified Master Trainer

Our head instructor is a certified master trainer with years of real-life experience teaching adults. She has worked for one of the largest healthcare organizations in the world for the past five years and has taught many professionals from various backgrounds.

Taught By A Certified Virtual Facilitator

Online education provides a unique experience and comes with certain challenges. Our head instructor is also a certified virtual facilitator, meaning she has the expertise to navigate those challenges with ease and provide an effective remote experience. She has provided remote training to individuals around the world.

Extensive Post Training Follow-up

We offer weekly post-training follow-up sessions to all of our students to ensure that you have ongoing support as you start and advance your careers. This ensures that you are always performing these treatments safely while allowing you to take on more challenging cases.

Why Is Post-training Follow-up So Important?

One of the things that make our course so unique is our emphasis on post-training follow-up. This follow-up is essential to your success as a camouflage tattoo artist. We offer weekly post-training follow-up sessions that will include invaluable information from our experienced instructors, various specialist that our instructor has built relationships with through her career in healthcare and healthcare education, as well as, past learners. Continue reading to find out why post-training follow-up is so necessary.

Get Answers To Your Questions

Many of our students are entirely new to the permanent makeup industry and don’t know what questions to ask during their training, Many questions will arise once you begin your career. Our post-training follow-up session allows you to ask all these questions so you can hone your craft.

Address The Forgetting Curve

During your training, you will be given a lot of information and learn many new skills even if you have years of experience with permanent makeup, you won’t be able to remember everything. Our post-training sessions allow you to review those skills to ensure that you perform these tattoos properly.

Boost Your Confidence

Many camouflage tattoo training programs don’t offer post-training support or provide limited support after your training has ended. This can leave you feeling less than confident about your new skills. By providing extensive post-training support, we give you the support you need to grow as an artist.

How Do Our Scar And Stretch Mark Tattoo Trainings Work?

STEP 1 Schedule Your Discovery Call

As educators with years of training and development expertise, we understand that everyone learns best through different modalities. For this reason, we do not offer trainings that are standardized, as we are well aware that one size does not fit all. During our exploration call, we will discuss your objectives and prior experience. Then, we will analyze if our courses correspond with your objectives and provide the optimal learning route for you.

STEP 2 Easy-to-follow Instructor Lead Training

Our training has been broken down into simple steps designed to hone your skills and give you the confidence needed to perform a camouflage tattoo. Your instructor will be there for you every step to ensure you understand the training.

STEP 3 Post Training Follow Up

After your training, you will probably have many questions, or you may need further guidance. That is why we offer weekly post-training follow-up training sessions to help you further develop your skills.

STEP 4 Help Others Build Their Confidence

After you complete your training, you’ll have a valuable new skill that will allow you to perform life-changing scar and stretch mark coverage. Contact us today to book your discovery call.

How Much Do Our Stretch Mark And Scar Camouflage Training Classes Cost?

Our stretch mark and scar camouflage training course are an affordable investment in an exciting new career. Over the past few years, the permanent makeup industry has boomed, and our courses give you the skills you need to take your career to the next level. Learn more about our affordable pricing when you book your strategy call.

Are You Ready To Change Lives?

Are you ready to jump into a new career as a camouflage tattoo artist? Contact us today to book a discovery call and find out if one of our stretch mark and scar camouflage tattoo training course is right for you or to start your medical artist tattoo training and scar camouflage training online.

Gold Line


What Is Camouflage Tattooing?

Camouflage tattooing is the process of adding pigment to your skin to lighten or darken its appearance, so it blends in with the surrounding skin. It is ideal for improving the appearance of scars, stretch marks, hypopigmentation, burns, and more.

As a scar and stretch mark tattoo artist, you will begin by assessing the area that your client wants you to cover. Then you will work to find a shade of semi-permanent ink that matches their surrounding skin color and begin the tattoo. After that, you will try to cover as much of the blemish as possible while making it blend seamlessly with the skin around it. The entire process can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour or more, depending on the area you are covering. The cost of the procedure can range from $250 to $1500, depending on the area you are covering. Larger areas may cost a bit more.

Camouflage tattoos are typically not permanent, like other tattoos, but they tend to last longer than certain forms of permanent makeup like microblading. Camouflage tattoos can last anywhere from two to five years.

Brazilian stretch mark camouflage is a specialized technique designed to hide blemishes and match your client’s skin perfectly. It can last anywhere from three to ten years and is used to treat stretch marks, burns, and more.

The permanent makeup industry has been growing steadily in the last few years and offers a wide range of opportunities for highly trained tattoo artists. You may work in a medical setting, at a local studio, or even open up your own shop.